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Diana aquired gulfHR when she saw the need for efficient and cost-effective services in HR and Payroll for the Middle East.

As the CEO of both gulfHR and OPS (Outsourced Payroll Solutions), Diana is an expert in her field and knows the complexities and nuances of HR and Payroll in the Middle East.

In 2016 Diana won the Emirates Women Award in the business category in honour of her extraordinary professional and entrepreneurial achievements.

Diana is a successful leader who aims to improve quality systems and design products that benefit start-ups and established enterprises by providing web-based solutions.

She believes strongly in the continuous training and development for her employees and champions productivity and achievements.

Diana Geldenhuys

Diana Geldenhuys


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Tariq Yacoub

Tariq Yacoub

Director Commercial & Operations

Meet Tariq Yacoub (or Mr. T, as known by our team & clients), a father of 2 boys, and the gulfHR Operations & Commercial Director.

“Great business ideas comes around 2:00AM!”

Tariq is about to complete 5 years at gulfHR. He was a gulfHR client before joining. He currently manages Operations, Sales, and Commercial departments.

Mr. T, had his 17 years work experience (all in Dubai). He started as a software engineer, and later focused more on business, providing solutions for government and private sectors in the IT software industry.

Jaco Rudolph

Jaco Rudolph

Senior Operations Manager

Jaco joined the gulfHR team as Senior Operations Manager in March 2021. He started his career over 20 years ago in Johannesburg South Africa, as a network support engineer. The various roles he has had all through his career, have always been very operational with a lot of time spent with customers. He has always loved working in teams and being people focused.

Some interesting career highlights include:
• Managing the delivery of network and data center infrastructure for the ICC for the 18 months leading up to, and during the Cricket World cup hosted in South Africa.
• Being part of the team that helped ABSA bank roll out free Internet to over a million subscribers in less than 6 months.
• Being part of the operations team when Dubai Airport launched Terminal 2 and Concourse 3 at the same time.

Shabbir Kazmi

Shabbir Kazmi

Project Manager

Shabbir started his career with gulfHR as a software developer, before joining the client management team here in Dubai.

With his 7 years at gulfHR, Shabbir had successfully completed 15+ implementations.

He plans, organizes and executes the completion of projects while making sure they are done on time and as per the agreed scope.

“Everything revolves around the word Quality. You don’t just have to satisfy your customer, but you need to exceed their expectations every single time.”

Raheel Safaraz

Raheel Safaraz

Client Success Manager

”I love to Learn.”

Raheel’s role at gulfHR is to ensure that his clients succeed. He keeps them happy as the bridge between gulfHR and his clients’ HR requirements. He consults with clients on what HR policies they have and want to implement, and then gives solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs from the gulfHR suite of tools. He then works side by side with gulfHR teams and the client to implement the solutions.

When we asked him about his role, he said “it is a very dynamic job. I love to provide HR solutions to clients. The environment where I work is wonderful. And I enjoy interacting with a variety of organizations.”

Usman Muhammad

Usman Muhammad

Implementation Consultant

Usman had joined the team back in 2012, as a product manager, then he joined us again in 2017 as a Software Implementation Consultant. He currently manages the implementation cycles as per each client’s requirements.

Usman started his career as a web developer, and with his 14 years experience, he got the chance to work on different domains and technologies.

“Success comes from struggle. If there is no struggle, there is no success.”

Efrelyn Espada

Efrelyn Espada

Sales Coordinator

Efrelyn joined us at the end of 2020, and is in charge of all customer-related communications such as managing queries, and liaising with new clients. She works hand-in-hand with the commercial manager at gulfHR in analysing the proposals.

She 4-years work experience in Dubai, as a sales coordinator, mainly in IT. She also has experience in a radio broadcasting company back in Philippines, as a journalist and voice talent.

“When you toss a coin. It works not only because it settles the question for you, but because in that brief moment when the coin is in the air, you suddenly know what you are hoping for, so giving up should not be in your picture.”

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