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Setting good employee goals and objectives and achieving goals keeps employees looking forward to new accomplishments and rewards, pushing their performance to ever-increasing heights.

With the correct goals in place, not only can the employees develop profressionaly, it will also lead to personal development and upskilling.

Goals are set for employees to measure both the company’s and the employee’s individual growth. This act is imperial to assess the milestones set by the company by the year-end.

We will discuss how to set goals that benefit your company and your employees in the long run.


Goals such as decrease the number of negative confrontations at work, speaking up more in meetings all have a huge benefit for both employee and company. 

Setting productivity goals for individual employees has the long-term effect of increasing overall company productivity, allowing the company to get more work done in the same amount of time and with the same number of employees.

1. Emphasize On Achievable And Relevant Goals


There is absolutely no point in setting unattainable goals. A general rule of thumb is to see if similar goals had been attainable in the past or not with the same feasibilities present. If not, try reworking the whole goal plan and come up with more workable and relevant goals.

Ensure that the goals you are setting are specific and well defined. This area often faces the backburner but this is crucially the essence of all activities because your own communication skills matter and you should be clear in all aspects.

Similar goals should be set for employees having the same or similar designations and responsibilities

Keep workplace rivalry at bay but ensure that your employees face the same challenges while holding similar responsibilities so that standards are kept high.


2. Let Your Employee Decide On The Goal


This is a highly effective way to increase your employee’s productivity since they claim more responsibility for tasks that they have themselves suggested.

It is good to assist in setting the goals rather than letting them completely do it themselves. Even high performers need your input, assistance, and feedback. Get an HRMS (Human Resource management system) to manage and develop your employees with technology and make your and their life easier. This is just one of the multiple features of our HRMS.

Employees will be far more likely to achieve the goals if he/she has set them as they know their skillset and what needs to be done.


3. Goals Should Be Time-Bound and Progress Monitored


Goal assessment procedures vary from company to company. Some organizations prefer quarterly reviews while others favor a biyearly analysis of their employee’s performance. There are those too who fancy a yearly report to check goals and their attainments. You can choose what works best for you and your employees since the main reason to hold these sessions is to gauge the achievements.

Not all objectives will be met. Your employee may embark on a bumpy road while striding towards his goals. It’s your job to monitor him closely and provide assistance wherever needed. If he lags, you can ask him to come up with another workable solution and assist him wherever the need might be. This way you can ensure him that you are his partner in this journey.


4. Create A Success Plan And Rewards For The Company And Employees


Your company goals should contribute to the employee’s personal development too; this is because employees will dedicate themselves to jobs where they see their personal growth going parallel with the company performance. Try and incorporate their individual interests to your organization’s objectives because this will ensure that you are a partner in achieving their professional goals.

Rewarding employees upon completion of goals is also great advice. Doing this will ensure that your other employees also stay motivated and continue giving their best performance. On the other hand, failures should be highlighted so that the company and staff is able to learn during from them too.

In the end, setting good employee goals and objectives should be the core of all planning and achieving organizational goals.

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