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We know that your company is a lot more than just employee files and data. It’s a dynamic mix of people, Payroll HRMS, and projects all going on simultaneously. Our powerful HR Management System platform boasts a precise mixture of features that ensures the efficiency and resources of your company.
At its core, GulfHR is a powerful and intuitive cloud-based HR platform that can be used across mobile or web interfaces. Our Payroll Software HRMS, HR Management System, and HRMS Software System were built for the Middle East. With an intuitive on-the-go functionality for employees,  that is supported on desktop and mobile, it supports flexible and customizable paths to suit your organization’s structure no matter how complex.
Manage onboarding, employee engagement & performance, learning & development, Payroll HRMS, employee data & files, reports, and much more! GulfHR puts the power in your employees’ hands with self-service that can be accessed via our next-generation mobile app and cloud-based application.



Our core offering gives you the ability to automate and improve all your HR administrative functions, from payroll management, to document storage and managing leave.

Payroll Management

This flexible, robust payroll solution caters for a comprehensive range of payroll calculations.

HR Admin

Manage your employees and their data all in one place with our HR System.

Leave Management

Manage your employees and their data all in one place.

System Admin

 Your HR system in your hands. Manage and organize your system according to your standards and increase your efficiency.

Company Set Up

Seperate out your system into individual company set ups.

Document Management

It’s time to throw away the filing cabinet and store your employee documents in one secure place.

Time Management

Time and attendance, timesheets and project timesheets, rostering and shifts. Manage your time productively to be more efficient and achive your goals faster. 

Training Management

Plan all your training activities in one place, from training requests, scheduling and action plans and enhance your managerial skills.


Track your recruitment process from start to finish. Departments can request vacancy creation. Add steps and go for a better resource evaluation.

Manpower Planning

Plan your workforce for any project you may have. Define job titles and required skills, cost, budget and forecast your workforce.

Performance Management

Digitize your performance management by creating KPI’s, online targets, self assessments and so much more.

Analytics Dashboard

Get instant visual access to your employee and HR data in real time. Know where your HR stands today and make informed strategic decisions.

additional modules

If you’re looking for digital HR System transformation across your entire employee life cycle, then our additional modules are for you. We provide HRMS, Payroll HRMS, Complete HR System, and Payroll Software, With our modular approach, you can pick the HR Management System modules you need as you need them. Get the Best HR Software in Dubai Today.


Empower your workforce with employee self-service and improve your employee experience with the gulfHR app. Apply for leave,  submit expense claims, request days in lieu and so much more on the go. Get a demo of our Best HR Software now.

In 2018 we moved over to workday for HR and needed to rethink our payroll. Because our Dynamics AX platform we used was very old, we wanted to upgrade our payroll platform, that could integrate with Workday, and gulfHR was the best solution we found, and now, 1 year on, we’re still very happy. The team is helping us constantly work to customize the system to fit our ever-changing needs

Premila Branganza

Proactive, solution driven team and always available to support. Quality and efficiency are gulf HR's key success drivers, it is a pleasure to work with such amazing team who are put their customer at the centre of everything they do.

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Get a demo now to see how our innovative HRMS solution can automate your HR, payroll we can help tailor to your specific HR needs. Get our HR Management System now and manage everything through our HR Software.


 Did you ever think about how big companies / industries manage their thousands of employees? The answer is HRMS payroll solution with zero human error.

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GulfHR brings the best HR Management Software for your organization with modern and exciting features that simplify your organization’s HR processes and reduce your HR teams’ workload, resulting in productive and happy HR teams!

The HR and Payroll Software is modern digital solution companies use to manage and optimize their daily HR tasks and fulfil the overall HR goals of an organization. Get a demo of our HR Software now!

Some of the function performed by the gulfHR Human Resource Management System are:

  • Secure storage and organization of all employee’s data.
  • Developing workflows and tracking approvals
  • Tracking employee training for compliance and development
  • Automating pre-boarding and onboarding
  • Generating custom reports that offer strategic insights
  • Gain access to all employee data in real-time
  • Effortless payroll management and calculation
  • Automated and targeted data collection
  • Virtual access to all HR and employee data in real-time
  • Continuously develop and train your workforce
  • Automate all critical HR processes and fasten organizational decisions
  • Streamline all HR processes
  • Accurate analysis and employee data organization
  • GulfHR: The HRMS software that makes your HR team happy!


The GulfHR HRMS software lets you empower your workforce by providing employee self-service that improves employee satisfaction by quickly applying for leaves, submitting expense claims, requesting days in lieu, and so much more.

So, whether the employees work from the office or remotely, our app lets them speed up their requests, leave applications, and other essential functions anytime! So what are you waiting for? Get our HR Management System and manage everything through HR Software.