June 2022

Anyone who has seen an awe-inspiring magic show knows what follows one impressive feat: something even more impressive! Similarly, gulfHR developed a platform where the benefits keep coming just like a magician who keeps pulling surprises from their hat.

The HRMS has transformed the way hundreds of well-known Middle Eastern businesses tackle HR matters. It allows HR workers to put the most time-consuming, frustrating admin duties aside. Instead, they can now focus on what truly matters: helping employees, and the business as a whole, thrive.

gulfHR solutions are, simply put, nothing short of magical. Not only is the platform automated, but it’s easy to use and customizable according to organizational needs too! And these are far from the only highlights. There are way more gulfHR benefits to explore when it comes to the clever, intuitive cloud-connected app.

Built for the Middle East

It’s a fact that not all HR software in the Middle East is equally advanced – much like not all magicians are capable of the same feats. However, the gulfHR platform is exceptionally comprehensive. It runs on a specialized system which caters to today’s Middle Eastern companies and those of the future.

During its development, gulfHR’s HRMS was set up to adapt to the region’s ever-changing labour laws. Better yet, it now also considers statutory compliance.


One of the top benefits of this particular HR software in the Middle East is its flexibility. Like a magician who adjusts their routine to their crowd, the system is fully customizable. Whatever a company’s needs – no matter how specific – the platform can adapt to their processes. It includes organizations that use white labelling, personalized features, and more. Because it’s optimized, gulfHR’s platform can handle HR organizational demands across an entire business.

ISO Certified

gulfHR has another fantastic surprise up its sleeve that provides users great peace of mind. It’s ISO 20000 (IT Service Management) certified, as well as ISO 270001 (Information Security Management) certified. This means clients can rest assured that their data is in good, capable, and trustworthy hands.


There are so many global ERP or HR systems around today. These include Workday, SAP, Oracle, SuccessFactors, and Dynamics 365. Whichever existing systems your business prefers, integrating them with gulfHR is as simple as waving a magic wand. Due to the technology’s independent integration abilities, it’s a seamless process from start to finish.


Few other HR platforms know how to work their cyber security magic as well as gulfHR Solutions. It is 100% committed to users’ data security when accessing the Azure cloud hosting platform. That’s why gulfHR employs extra SSL security measures.

It takes data security seriously – in fact, it’s a primary concern. That’s why gulfHR put their platform to the test – and oh, do the results speak for themselves! It passed all high-level, deep penetration tests without incident, including Trustwave.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

There’s no trick about it – the HRMS software is exceptionally smart. Dealing with tedious tasks is a breeze thanks to the innovative RPA technology and workflow automation system. The intelligent platform empowers those working in HR, as well as employees across the company.

Consistently Successful Implementation

Not even some of the world’s best magicians have a 100% success rate when attempting to pull off their tricks. However, another of gulfHR’s core benefits is upholding a 100% implementation success rate for over two decades!

This achievement is no small feat either. It’s the result of years of hard work, dedication, and always continuing to make improvements to the platform.

Fully Arabic Enabled

Before the final curtain call, we need to mention one more of the platform’s noteworthy benefits. It’s completely Arabic enabled! That’s right – it understands and caters to all the needs of our Middle Eastern clientele, including language.

The platform was the first of its kind to offer comprehensive services in the local tongue in the region. From here, it adapts and improves with the times to keep users completely satisfied. When clients speak, the team listens and answers them in their language.

gulfHR continues to thrive and grow as it takes client suggestions seriously. Together, we’re becoming more adaptive, effective, and intuitive to allow businesses to go from one strength to the next.

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