November 2022

Payroll mainly deals with paying employees and collecting taxes. You might think, what is so difficult about this? In any case, paying your employees on time can’t be that big a deal, right? Very true; but suppose that you are in a situation where you have both freelancing and full-time employees, employees that take unpaid leaves and the ones that work overtime, there could be some that need to be given bonuses and there could be others who would be paid allowances. When all these factors come into play, they make payrolls much more complicated. Manually doing payroll can be very stressful as it takes long hours of your day and also leads to errors and miscalculations. Thinking that manual payroll calculation is going to help you save your money, you are gravely mistaken.

With online software for payroll you can quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively get done with payroll without actually needing accounting experts. Payroll software is user-friendly and you can use it yourself and get results in just a few minutes.

Are you still hesitant to check out the software for payroll?

Here are some ways in which payroll software helps you save your time and money:-

  • Processes Payrolls Faster

All of us know that time is money and that manually processing payroll takes a lot of your time. It is a repetitive process where many aspects are taken into consideration. Manually a payroll of each employee might take 15 to 20 minutes, whereas payroll software can achieve it with minimum entries like deduction at source, leaves etc within a minute or two. Using payroll software cuts down the repetitive process and gives results much faster.

  • Skipping the Training Fees
  • The interface of payroll software is very easy to use and doesn’t need any additional training. Moreover, companies like Gulf Hr give on-call service absolutely free of cost. Therefore in case the employee handling the software needs help, the service team would be just a call away.

  • Error Free Processing
  • Errors while calculating payroll only leads to an unhappy employer and loads of rework. Payroll software can make it a flawless process without wasting the time of the payroll team. Also, if there are any changes in the payroll regulations, the software will update itself automatically.

  • Safety and Security of Data
  • A lot of companies across the globe use Microsoft Excel for calculating payroll. This process is not only tedious but your data also is not safe. Data corruption on Excel files is nothing new and has affected many companies, which has cost them time as well as money. Using the payroll software keeps your data safe and you can also back up your data at regular intervals.

    How to find the Right Payroll Software for you?

    There are many companies offering software for payroll but only a few might fit your requirements. Gulf HR provides you with one of the best payroll software that will be convenient for small, medium or big businesses. This software will not only make your payroll management tasks easier but would also help you save your time and money.

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