Smart Virtual Assessment Centre

SimplyMustard is a Smart Virtual Assessment Centre, that is very easy to use!

Making good decisions about who to recruit, and what development people need not only requires quick access to reliable data and reports – it requires expertise.

Helping you separate the very best from all the rest – with the click of a button –  is what SimplyMustard does for you.

We’ve Done the Thinking.

We’ve Built the Platform.

You See Who Cuts the Mustard!

What we do

Recruiting the wrong people or spending money on training that has no impact on the skills levels in your company is very wasteful.  Avoid costly mistakes by using the impartial assessment results you get from using SimplyMustard. Powered by a cutting-edge assessment model – built by our team of experts – we remove the effort of the assessment process by selecting the best psychometric and technical assessments for you. With consistent assessment results at your fingertips,  you can confidently compare candidates without bias, and make good choices. The results are presented to you in a simple, automated report that aggregates the results to show you who cuts the mustard.

How it Works

Our SimplyMustard Virtual Assessment Centre not only removes the administrative burden, but also enables flexible assessment selection based on robust data models, provides good governance, saves costs and makes valuable data analytics possible to inform your decisions.

Mustard Simply Adds Zing to Recruitment

The Sweet and Spicy:

Easy to Use

  • Uses Smart Assessment Selection Logic
  • Automates Tedious Administration Processes
  • Produces Reliable Aggregated Reports for Comparability

Safe and Secure

  • Cloud-based Platform
  • Secure Payments
  • POPI and GDPR Compliant


  • Pay-as-you-use
  • No Unnecessary Re-testing if Results are Still Valid – We Check This for You
  • No Requirement for Costly Psychologists Doing Mundane Work
  • Side-step the Staggering Costs of Bad Hires and Promotions
  • Save your Valuable Time

The Perfect Blend of Flavour and Spice

SimplyMustard is a robust virtual assessment centre and provides digital simulation of a traditional assessment practice, powered by pre-selected, best-in-class cognitive, behavioural and technical assessments and world-class technology.

Be Agile & Streamlined

Screen and manage crowds of applicants with the click of a button, allowing you to focus your attention where it counts.

Support Good Decision-Making

Supports confident decision-making by using an expert selection of best-in-class, 3rd party assessments

See Aggregated Reports

Find the best fit, the first time. Helping you separate the best from the rest with our aggregated reports.

Remove Human Bias

A virtual assessment solution without bias, producing results you can trust.

Reduce Costs & Time Spent

The traditional assessment process is notoriously costly and administratively intensive. Save yourself valuable time and limit the staggering costs of bad hires and promotions through SimplyMustard.

Optimise Your Workforce

Flex your workforce constructively through informed, balanced responses allowing you to optimise your organisational talent.

Ready to cut the mustard?

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the candidate receive the test?

The system sends an e-mail to every candidate that has been added to a booking once payment for those candidates have been made. The e-mail will contain the link as well as well as the username and password the candidate must use to log in. Once the candidate has logged in to SimplyMustard and given consent, the tests s/he is required to complete will be displayed. The candidate simply clicks on “start test”

Are you able to reschedule a booking?

Yes! If the due date has passed and a candidate has not completed the assessments as yet, you are able to extend the due date to give the candidate more time.

Will the tests be the same or will different people receive different tests?

If job-specific assessments are chosen, the tests will be the same for everyone.

Does simply mustard have a monthly license payment?

No, you just pay for what you need, as you make a booking.


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