August 2022

Businesses with the right HR software can experience significantly streamlined operations. This makes investing especially worthwhile. Two popular options include cloud-based HR systems and on-premise HRMS. Both certainly have their merits. However, on-prem is ideal for industries with high-security needs. Discover other reasons why it can be a good option for your company.

The Difference Between HRMS Models

As alluded to before, different businesses can benefit from unique HR software. There is no superior choice but rather several alternatives with compelling features. Ultimately, preference depends on the industry and individual strategic reasons.

Platforms like the gulfHR on-premise system combine the cloud HRMS with on-prem functionality. It allows companies to enjoy the strengths of both options. Their understanding of unique client needs, the cloud, and on premise HR software allowed them to create the best solution.

On Premise HR Software

In this case, the software is installed and administered on the business premises. A large contracting and construction company migration to on-prem in the UAE is one such success story. After their data migration to gulfHR, the company’s IT department could easily manage and maintain the HR software.

Cloud HRMS

Also known as software as a service (SaaS), cloud-based systems function via remote servers, completely online. Management and maintenance require users to sign in via browser.

Hybrid HRMS

Finally, hybrid systems blend the best features of on-prem and cloud HRMS. The result is a bespoke solution, customisable according to company risk factors and strategies.

The Benefits of Using On-Premise HR Software in the Middle East

For many Middle Eastern companies, on-prem systems are the best solution due to their rich features. And because the software is well-established, there are many vendors to choose from. Further benefits of using on-premise HRMS in the region include:

  • It’s programmable to meet the distinct, region-specific needs of businesses
  • Select vendors, like gulfHR, offer immediate on-premises solutions and SaaS
  • Systems like gulfHR feature the latest HR utilities and is Middle Eastern legislation compliant
  • Migration plans to and from the cloud when using gulfHR software
  • Exceptional security of in-house servers
  • Flexible deployment plans courtesy of gulfHR

    Which industries can benefit from on-prem HRMS?

    Some industries look to gain more from embracing an on-premise HRMS than others. These include:

    • Companies that aren’t ready to move to a cloud platform
    • Those that function within a specialised or complex business environment
    • High-security enterprises like defence, government departments, and financial and healthcare service providers
    • Businesses who want complete visibility and control over their data for strategic reasons

    Strategic Reasons for Implementing On-Premise HR Software

    Simply put, choosing on-prem software is a strategic decision. Large businesses with robust IT departments are bound to reap the most rewards. Although, it’s not exclusive to big enterprises. The software’s cost control, limitless customisation potential, and security, make it enticing.

    Overall, this HRMS can streamline operations and simplify achieving business goals. The motivation behind opting for on-prem may differ from one company to the next. However, there are universal reasons to motivate the switch.

    1. Better Cost Control

    When comparing on-premise HRMS with cloud-based systems, it’s the most cost-effective. At first, it may seem more expensive, but its lifetime cost is lower since there are no monthly fees. Once a business purchases a licence, they own the system for life and can use it as they please.

    2. Business Size

    Large companies should see the best results since they can use on-premise HR software to its full potential. After all, more employees mean increased resources to make time-saving alterations. Cloud systems, on the other hand, aren’t as customisable.

    3. Enhanced Security

    On premise HR software is safer since those outside the company network lack or has restricted access. Important information also isn’t stored online, decreasing the odds of data leaks. It’s especially true with sound security and backup systems in place.

    4. Robust In-House IT Departments

    With a solid IT department and staff, companies can take full advantage of on-premise HR software. They can push the limits of the system by creating business optimising solutions.

    5. Customisations & Integration

    Not all companies want to or can immediately transition to an on-premise HRMS. Thankfully, hybrid systems like that of gulfHR exist. It can adapt to suit custom business strategies and risk profiles while saving implementation time and money.

    Consider On-Premise HR Software for Greater System Control

    Not all vendors offer solutions that meet specific client needs. Luckily, ones like gulfHR, with its feature-rich on-prem HRMS, exist. And due to on-premise HR software’s enduring nature, it’s a viable option for businesses with unique needs.

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