What is Recruitment Software and How Does it Affect the Job Hunt Process?


November 2022

Recruiting software is software that automates the repetitive tasks of the recruiting process by performing better than manual tasks can. The recruitment software is used by talent acquisition professionals, recruiters and hiring managers to streamline some parts of the recruitment workflow, these parts include sourcing, selection of the candidates, their screening and then finally the Interview. Using the best recruiting software one can send a wide variety of tailored job advertisements, mail bulk rejection emails and automatically move the candidates to the next phase of their recruitment process using preset setups. To find the ideal candidate the recruitment software tracks candidates every step of the way.

Starting 1990s as job search and hiring moved online, the software supporting recruiting function started becoming mainstream. As an alternative to processing paper resumes, the recruiters needed tools and software that could handle large quantities of electronic applications and resumes.

Functions of Recruitment Software

The recruitment software is designed to support a variety of functions which include:-

  • Sourcing – Through this function, the promotion of open positions is done via job postings, career websites, talent communities and social media.
  • Applicant tracking – This step involves resume screening, interviewing the applicant and running background checks
  • Recruiting analytics – This includes the dashboard reporting KPIs and also fennel metrics such as time taken to fill, source of hire and the applicant-to-interview ratio.
  • Pre-hire assessment and background check – This function includes cognitive and skill testing, personality assessment and reference and background check.
  • Onboarding – The recruitment software function also includes training and orientation of new hires.

How does Recruitment Software affect the Job Hunt Process?

We all know that companies/organizations use recruiting software to optimize the process of hiring for a position. This optimization is beneficial for both candidates and recruiters alike.

For the organization looking to hire candidates using the recruiting software, the hiring process becomes much faster and more efficient. The software not only makes the manager’s and recruiter’s job easier but also helps the organization hire top candidates who have been weighing multiple options.

For the candidate, recruitment software can simplify the application process and open up communication channels, both of which give the candidate a positive experience. Having a positive experience with an organization’s hiring process, regardless of the outcomes makes the organization seem like an excellent place to work.

Here are a few advantages of the best recruiting software that would simply improve your staffing or hiring process:-

  • Streamlines the application process
    Using the recruiting software the process of sorting out applications becomes so much more effortless and quicker. Also, hiring managers and recruiters save a lot of their time.
  • Customized job advertisements
    Recruiting software enables you to reach out to many candidates all at once and through multiple distribution channels simultaneously.
  • Bulk email distribution
    With recruiting software you no more need to spend hours preparing personalized interview reminders. You can now send bulk emails to interviewers which can be scheduled even 90 days in advance.
  • Easy communication with other members
    Recruitment software helps in a very smooth flow of communication between all the parties involved in the job hunt process- applicants, recruiters and hiring managers.

You shall be able to make use of all these advantages by using the best recruitment software- which is by GulfHR. This software will not only make your recruitment process stress-free but also save a lot of time of the team involved.

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